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Hello everyone I have been gone for quite a while because I've been in hospital
Please don't ask me why because I am not prepared to talk about it, I'm utterly embarrassed with myself
But I just want to say something really quick...
NO problem deserves a "permanent solution"! Absolutely fucking nothing!
Your worth it and you are special in every dam way!
There is only one you, you can't be replaced so please don't do anything drastic no matter what ;m; I love EVERY single one of you my lovelies and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if any of you took your own lives.
You can now probably tell what this journal is about.... And why I've been in hospital but I am promising myself to get better
I am going to give In and go to therapy, start standing up for myself and smile <3 no one is EVER going to get the best if hannah Francis Goddard anymore <3
I love you my lovelies <3
Stay strong for me
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Curse of the Red Moth-Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Something fishy was defiantly going on in this town, something bizarre. And I felt like something in that clock tower was going to give me the answers. I need to visit that tower. The clouds in the sky were beginning to darken. More rain was coming in. A few miles and I have made it to the clock tower. It was certainly an impressive building. The clock tower was standing tall in the middle of the building which stood the tower in place. The hands of the clock were telling that the time was in fact 2:30 P.M. As I exited my car, I noticed there were cop cars in the parking lot. They looked broken down. Broken down cop cars in a parking lot? Something did not add up. I entered the building with caution. The inside was dark and looked abandoned.
“Hello…?” I yelled out just to be sure no one was in here with me. No response. Upon entering the building further, I saw some artifacts and display cases. This was more than an ordinary clock tower, but a museum as well
:iconmecha-mike:Mecha-Mike 1 0…


United Kingdom
Yo! Ma name is RoZi and I like cold depressing cuddles!! 🌹
I have a crush on Acc3ss-denied 💙😘


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